Easy Insurance

3 easy steps to get the best insurance!

1. Get started: Enter the basic information to calculate your premium: Name, date of birth, travel dates, country of origin and destination.

2. Choose plans: Select the insurance plans you want.Confirm your information is correct and select the insurance plans you want. Note that you can customize the selected plans to enhance coverage.

Add your selections to the shopping cart. You can click on “Start quote” any time to change your initial information or make any corrections needed. Click again on “Get quote” .

3. Purchase your policy: Verify the plans shown on your cart are the ones you want. Some plans are non-refundable, so just double check. Remember you can deselect a plan by clicking on the . Confirm and pay!


  • Have a credit card ready. It’s the only acceptable method of payment. If you don’t have one, you can ask a friend or family member for theirs. Or you can use a prepaid credit card.
  • Enter the address of the place you’ll be staying at while in Canada if you are not a Canadian resident. If the insurance company has to send documents by regular mail, this is the address they’ll be sent to. If you are a Canadian resident, enter your home address.
  • Be sure to make no mistakes in the email address you enter as your confirmation of insurance will be send to that specific email.
  • You might be asked to enter the name of a beneficiary or just leave the default option estate.
  • Click and accept the Terms and Conditions and the Insurance Agreement.


Check out our tips to an easy worry-free quote.

On-line shopping seems so easy until you try to purchase insurance. Suddenly you feel stuck and wondering whether you should select A or B, or what to do if you can’t find the right option on the drop-down menu.

We can help! We’ll walk you through the whole process so when you click purchase you feel pretty sure you did everything right.

Good insurance starts with a good agent