Warning: Accidents happen!

A critical shopping day.

For many Canadians, a one-day border crossing doesn’t feel like travelling. They just trust their provincial health plan will protect them.

The truth is  every single time you leave your home province you are on a trip and depending on your destination, your provincial health plan will cover less than 10% of an out-of-country claim

Here’s Sally’s case.

Living across the US border, Sally has been a frequent shopper across the border to get her grocery on Fridays.

That day Sally left at the usual time, stopped for coffee and crossed into the US. After her shopping was done, she realized she had some extra time to try a nice coffee shop she had been meaning to visit for a while now. She exited the highway to make a U-turn and the next thing she knew is that she woke up in the hospital.

Sally was rushed into the ER after being hit by a truck that missed a stop light. Her multiple life-threatening injuries required imminent surgery and although she was just a few miles across from the border, no Canadian ambulance could cross to assist. She had to be rushed to an American hospital.

Injured and broke

After more than two weeks in the hospital, including a few days in the ICU, Sally was finally stable enough for a transfer back home. Her medical expenses amounted to $650,000 USD. Her auto insurance paid $150,000; the provincial health care plan covered only $65,000 and she was left with a staggering $435,000 USD debt.

For less than $200 CAD, Sally—74 years old and taking only thyroid medication—could have purchased a Multi-Trip Annual Emergency Medical Travel Insurance that would have saved her the financial life-changing burden that turned out to be the most challenging sequel of the accident.

The WeKTI solution

A Multi-Trip plan is a perfect solution for travelers leaving Canada frequently such as Sally. As a flexible plan offering coverage for a selected number of days per trip according to the different options available, the traveler can leave Canada as many times as he/she want’s during a full year. He / She can even add more days when needed for any trip longer than expected, even while travelling.

If you, like Sally, leave your home province frequently—even to travel within Canada—or travel more than twice in a year, a Multi-Trip Annual plan is the most cost-effective coverage option you need to travel worry free.

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*Name and details have been changed to protect privacy. Story and amounts are based in the true events.